Sunday, January 27, 2008

House Warming

Kevin with gift

Yesterday we had a housewarming party for my brother Kevin. He bought his condo (well he bought a mortgage anyway-lol!) We had baked ziti, eggplant parm., rolls, shrimp cocktail, cake, brownies, canolis's, chips, and other goodies. YUM! Friday night my mom and I
started to clean his house as part of Kevin's gift. Saturday Samantha and I finished. His house looked so nice. It is a cute condo. Kevin was very happy with the party. He got a few nice gifts.
Joshua said it was not a party without a pinata, so we got a Darth Vader one and filled it with clearance Christmas candy. The only children there were my kids and my 13 year old nephew. The kids enjoyed there candy. The adults were like what's the pinata far? For fun people!
I am so proud of Kevin, and Eric who bought a house three years ago. It is so strange to see my brothers go from the most annoying gross people on the planet, with all that bathroom talk growing up-EWWW! But now they are mature men taking care of them themselves and there homes. I really like the people they have become. And now that I have two boys at home I don't have to miss all that bathroom talk cause my boys do it now. What is that all about? LOL! -Becky


jerseygirl said...

Is Kevin suppose to be apainter?

Like the sweater.

Becky R said...

that is his new bathroom set-lol!