Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan. has come and gone

Hello! It is already the last day of 2008. I know each day has 24 hours, yet still it seems we have less and less time. Of course this is silly. God gives us 24 hours a day. I belive he wants us to give Him time first everyday and everynight in prayer and Bible reading and study.
So my day should be:

get up 6:00am
time with God -1 hour (30 min. in am, 30 min. im pm)
exercise-1 hour (30 min in am, 30 min. in pm)
work-11 hours (daycare 7:00am-6:00pm)
cleaning-1 hour
special time with boys-1 hour
my time-1 hour
sleep-8 hours
bed 10:00 pm

But it never works out this way. Usually I get up at 6:30, skip my exercise and go to bed around 12:00am, especially since Joshua's new thing is to get up and yell and try to not go to sleep for 1-3 hours everynight. During this time I have to do nothing else but sit at his door and calmly put him back in bed. This is great prayer time though. GOD GIVE ME PATIENCE! GOD GIVE ME PATIENCE!

Also we have lots of night committments since I do not take the daycare kids out during the day. Tues. I have aerobics and my new First Place Bible study. THIS IS FOR ME! My mom has agreeded to watch the boys at my house so I can go. Wed. we have church from 6:00pm-8:15pm. Thur. we go to the doctor's. So this cuts into out calming down time.

But I want to get the time with God and exercise in every day as I NEED IT! I am putting here so I can be more accountable.

Please pray that in Feb. I could make the time for daily time with God, daily exercise, and go to bed by 10:30. Thanks!


The Sorrow said...

Amen, do you recieve him today!!!!