Friday, April 22, 2011

another tip: food waste

I wish I could say that I have made my own nutrient rich compost to use in my garden year after year, however that is not the case. I have kept food scraps out of the landfill and had them eventually turn into mush, so that is still better than that food sitting in a plastic bag not breaking down.

Since I have had a yard (since Aug. 2007) I have had a compost pile. I throw food scraps (no meat, fat, or oil) and egg shells in it. All my piles have eventually turned to mush, but not the black gold some get.

Google composting, do what works for you, but seriously keep the veggie and fruit scraps out of plastic trash bags. Stuff inside the plastic bag doesn't break down as easily without sun, water, and heat.

Also I have read if planting roses add banana peels to soil before rose bush. And used coffee grinds and tea waste (take out of little bag if you use tea in bags) are great nutrients for indoor and outdoor plants so add them to the ground above and around all out door plants.

If you boil any rice, beans, veggies, or fruit save the water and water outdoor plants. (I say outdoor as I used cauliflower water once indoor and it was stinky for days.)

Also if you have water left over in your reusable water bottles at end of day and want to empty your bottle to let dry (side note -if you don't ever do this they will get moldy, learned the hard way) dump that water on your indoor / outdoor plants.

Before you throw away any food / liquid think can I still use this?



Anonymous said...

My first compost experience has been co-composting with our neighbor whose house is behind our apt. She's got a big black bin and we fill it full of yard waste (leaves, grass, etc.) and kitchen scraps. We were super-excited when, turning it once we discovered worms happily making a home inside.