Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I love homeschooling. I love that I am learning so much and discovering a love for history (we are studying 1800-present, just America with Josh, all over with Jason.)

Last week Josh and I (and the kids I teach in the history co-op) learned about Benjamin Franklin. He was an amazing man. I am now reading his autobiography. He was self taught. He was a printer and amazing author. He helped write the Declaration of Independence. He was a well trusted man.

He invented so many things like:
the lightening rod
Franklin stove

He started:
postal system
first fire station
first hospital

The best part is next week we are on break from co-op and I am taking boys to Philly to Franklin court, so we can see his house, the first post office, and print shop he started. We can even pay him tribute at his grave.

Philly, PA is such an awesome place to visit. So many attractions are free. And you can stand in a room that men like Ben Franklin stood and brainstormed the ideals our country stands for today.

I am so excited!

Pray it doesn't rain when we go!