Thursday, April 28, 2011

So it's not allergies

Jason and I are actually sick (not allergies as I thought in previous post.)

Yesterday I could barely move. Achy body, fever, headache, sore throat, cough. Thank God no stomach issues. Today is better, but still not great.

Yesterday I slept most of the day (I mean hard can't wake her sleep.) I also drank water, lemonade (since citrus is so good for colds), and hot chamomile tea.

Jason also slept half the day and rested the other half. He had water and lemonade as well.

You may ask why I didn't just take some drugs and get on with my life? The thing is the more I am embracing eating better, especially through local, organic produce, the more I also am becoming more and more against conventional meds. (Truth be told I never really liked the idea of taking meds, prayed about it a long time before I put Jason on his ADHD meds.)

But now more so than ever I am into finding more alternative, non drug alternatives.

I think the number one really is rest, being followed closely with water and hot herbal teas.

I actually just read: RX from the Garden by Kathleen Barnes

It is perfect for just getting started on what fruits, veggies, and herbs do what.

Too bad this illness I don't have most of the items in my house, but I just made a green smoothie with homegrown wheat grass, spinach, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, and strawberries and drank a pint. I then added water to blender to get rest of smoothie out and drank that (another pint.) This is the only thing I ate today. I want only good things in my body today to further help my body fight this illness.

[Josh, who is not sick, also drank a pint. He is such a good kid. Jason would rather die than drink a green smoothie.]

Yesterday I ate weird things (a piece of corn on the cob, a small piece salmon, an egg roll, and wonton soup. The corn and salmon was left over and since I was hungry but had no energy that is what I ate. The egg roll and wonton soup my mom got me for dinner. My ideas on the health effects of Chinese food, which I love to eat, will come in another post.)

Although I am feeling better than yesterday, I still am not better. The problem I have two jobs tomorrow and three Sat. I guess this is why so many turn to drugs since they just don't have time to rest. I can cancel both jobs tomorrow, but being self employed that means no pay (I know I should have an emergency fund to cover this sort of stuff, but I have used it all up on recent hot water heater and car repairs.) I canceled a job today (and rescheduled it for tomorrow.) And will make do if I have to cancel again tomorrow. But it adds further stress to think about money while trying to recover from being sick.

Going to take another nap, exerted too much energy on this post.



Becky said...

I totally agree about rest being the best thing when you're sick. I've noticed that when I try to keep going as usual when I'm sick, the illness hangs on longer. A lot of the time, if I sleep (this was pre-baby of course!) as much as possible when sick, it will be done in a day or two.