Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Consequences / Rewards

I want to recommend the If Then chart and Blessing Chart by Doorpost. These are great for consequences and rewards and also contain verses so kids can apply God's words in there hearts. (The red wording on blessing chart is filled in, you add any consequences and rewards you want to chart.)

I recommend letting your kids help with appropriate consequences and rewards. I think this helps them own the charts and want to do what is on them better. Of course parents should have the final say (Jason wanted $10 for sharing all day. At that rate I would owe him $300 a month, good deal for him, but not for me.)

Check out the charts here.

Do you use these? Do you use something else? What works best for your family regarding consequences and rewards?



Jeannette said...

CAn i use this for my husband, ha ha haha

my reward for being a faithful servant is to receive God's many blessings

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Well with my dog I just raise my voice and she runs lol but when she's good she gets treats :)


Becky R said...

I give my boys treats too. lo.