Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple pleasure

Saturday, Scott (my stepfather) and Kevin (my brother) installed my new hot water heater. It feels so nice to turn on hot water and actually get hot water.

Ever since I bought this house in Nov. of 2009 the hot water heater has gone out occasionally. But in the past few months it started going out more often and eventually everyday. At first I could relight it and it would actually light. But even that stopped working in past few weeks.

I couldn't shower. I couldn't use my dishwasher (the dishes actually looked dirtier without the hot water.) Even washing my hands was torture (the water was so cold.)

I used to think I wanted to live like the pioneers, but now maybe not so much!

I am once again enjoying this simple pleasure of hot water.


p.s. this is just an image from online, not my actual new hot water heater


Jeannette said...

Hot water yeah!
One day let me show you a video that Uncle Dilip took of his hot water heater,, ha ha