Friday, April 1, 2011

My dirty little secret

For 2 days now I have had dirty dishes, not in my sink, but soaking in my tub. (No this is not an April fool's joke, I wish.)

Did you know that some dishwashers will not work without hot water (my hot water heater is broken, has been for too long.) I discovered shortly after discovering the hot water heater was out that my dishes were not getting clean.

Easy, you say just hand wash your dishes. I usually do but with only freezing water to wash them my hands get really cold, really fast. And Tues. I decided to make yummy, but very sugary and sticky candy. So Wed. am when I tried to wash dishes before we were having a therapist to the house I put all the dishes in the tub.

And I finally just got to washing them. At least I had time to boil water to wash them in and keep my hands warm.

I love the idea of living like the pioneers did, but am reconsidering now that we have no hot water. It effects our showers (ever take a freezing shower, I have taken at least 3 lately. It is more annoying than having kids bang on door during a warm shower.) It effects washing our hands (washing for 30 seconds is a challenge, plus I am sure with out warm water we are not killing as many germs.) It effects our dishwasher, it does not clean dishes without hot water.

Don't fret we have been showering at my mom's and sister's, but this is an inconvenience because it takes that much longer to pack up all our shower stuff and go elsewhere to shower.

I know I am complaining, but seriously even in all the inconvenience I am still praising God. Praising him we have a home. We have heat and warm blankets. We have our health. We have all March bills paid in full (including April mortgage and taxes.) We have access to clean, fresh water. We have a stove that we can heat water on. We have food. We have so much. So many don't have anything. God is using our no hot water to remind me we are SO BLESSED!!!


p.s. I have money for the hot water heater, just waiting until my brother and stepfather have time to install it.


Unknown said...

I bet I was the only hoping for a better 'dirty' secret LOL

Glad you got the money, get that thing replaced yesterday!


Mair said...

Don't worry about the water temperature to kill germ - you'd burn your hands before the water got hot enough to actually kill anything. It is the soap, the rubbing action, and the duration and rinsing that get your hands clean - you wash the germs off, not actually kill them. Cold comfort, but there you go. :)

Becky R said...

What I worry more about is the water is so cold that I don't get all the soap off. We have tasted soap in a few drinks. Yum!