Saturday, May 21, 2011

Date with Joshua

Joshua and I just had a special date. I took him to see GodRocks, a Christian kids band. We also took a nice walk, and planted my plants in my garden. 6 hours of just me and Josh time (Jason is with his grandparents.) I didn't yell once. I tried really hard to listen to every word he said (he talks a lot, so sometimes it is hard to hear and process it all.) I tried to give him lots of physical touch (hugs, etc., he even let me hold his hand while we walked.) One of his love languages is physical touch and another is attention, so I hope I filled him with love today.

Joshua really is am amazing kid, and I am so blessed to have had this special time with him.

Now he is outside skateboarding. I am going to rest a bit before going to work at 5.



Jeannette said...

he is a terrific kid