Monday, May 9, 2011


So I have a goal to declutter 365 items from my home in 2011. By declutter I mean items given away (not thrown away or sold.) Also it doesn't count if I give away an item and replace with a similar one (for example I replaced one tv stand with another, so that doesn't change amount given away.)

I just gave away a box of clothes, about 42 items. I also gave away an end table last weekend. Plus the 198 given so far, for a total of 241 items given away in 2011. 124 more to go.

I have also thrown away alot, but still it seems my home is overflowing.

I was reading a blog of a couple who owned nothing more than 100 items. I can't even wrap my head around that (I think I have like 100 utensils), but I do like the idea of less and having some empty spaces.

Are you trying to declutter this year? In general?



Becky said...

I did a bit of decluttering for my husband's family's rummage sale next weekend. I am getting rid of a lot of shirts because I'm nursing and my stomach is a bit flabbier now than pre-baby :) I also got rid of some decorative items that aren't worth the trouble of trying to baby-proof now that Jude is mobile.