Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Adventure

Yesterday another homeschool family, they boys, and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure. It was homeschool day and not open to the general public. The boys love riding rides, so they would go there everyday.

Great Adventure had all these companies set up and questionnaires for the kids to ask the companies. Plus they had workbooks the kids could do to figure out some of the roller coasters (building them, money, etc.) I appreciate when companies recognize homeschoolers. Especially since statistics show about 5% of kids in USA are being homeschooled (and it is hard to track because many do not register that fact.)

The weather was so nice, cool, but sunny as well. And the rides had almost no lines. We all had a great day.

I got the boys each season passes to Great Adventure for Easter. If bought before Easter they were only $99 each for a 3 park pass (Great Adventure, the Safari, and the water park as well.) So now we can go anytime they are open until they close in Oct. Admission for one day to Great Adventure only is $59.99, so the season pass pass for itself if you go twice.

In addition to rides they have daily animal shows (dolphins and tigers, two separate shows), weekly events (like a skateboarding show), and a summer concert series (most cost a few dollars extra, some are free with park admission or season passes.)

Do you live near any Six Flags? Have you ever been to one?