Friday, March 27, 2009

In case you were wondering

Just wanted to update about my friend Duane. If you recall we met online in Aug. 2007. Well after many phone calls, emails, and letters we met for the first time last Dec.
We continued to communicate in 2008 and had more live visits. Duane decided to try living here and in Feb. he moved to NJ.
This made me quickly realize that I am not ready for a relationship and he has since gone back to Nebraska.

I need to be closer to the Lord and have a more solid relationship with HIM. My daily time with him is no longer daily.

I also need to work on me. I need to be calmer, eat healthier, and exercise.

Until I feel I am closer to the Lord (knowing I am always a work in progress) I do not feel I am ready to be dating. I want to be equally yoked to someone better than the person I am today. Yes, I am proud of myself for all I am and do; but for God, myself, and my boys I can do better.



ElleBee said...

I love reading your blog, Becky. Not that my opinion matters, but I so admire you for recognizing that you want to be more solid in your relationship with Him before you undertake a relationship with (any) him. :)