Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sleep update

Well, Jason woke up around 8:30am, so he slept almost 12 hours. He had a really good day too. I did not yell at all today. (I also did not have to go anywhere or do anything as Joshua is sick, so we all stayed home today.) Except I did go out at 1:50 to take both boys to doctor to be tested for strep. We will see how that turns out in a few days.

Joshua had a fever almost all day. He is asleep now (another victory as he was asleep by 9:00pm.)

Jason is almost asleep, I hope that he will be by the time I am done typing so I can fold laundry and watch tv (our only tv is in living room which is right next to his room. If he is still up he listens to what I am watching and does not go to sleep.)

But I am in awe of how calm my house is right now. For so long night time was a nightmare for me! And I am sure the boys not getting enough sleep just makes them more tired for next day and so on.

Hopefully we can get a full week of being asleep by 9:00pm, and getting up around 8:00am. I want to get back on a better schedule.