Friday, March 13, 2009

update on I messed up again

Seeing as I overspent over $1000 in Feb. I needed to assure that behavior would not continue and that all my accounts were reconciled. I balanced all my accounts yesterday. I was able to keep my freedom account fully funded for one year. I am current on all my bills. I bought all the supplies I need for co-op and teamkid's. I still have $600 in a cd for car repairs if needed. I still have $500 in another cd for my emergency fund. This absolutely has to be more, but at least it would pay my rent for one month if needed. All gifts I need to buy are bought. All non groceries that I need are bought (I even have shampoo to last me the next six months which I got a great deal on at CVS -Garnie Fructis are 3 for $10 with $5 back in cvs dollars, I bought 6 and got $10 CVS bucks back.) I also bought supplies to make homemade laundry soap, and extra to sell at co-op. [Last month I made $62.10 selling the laundry soap at co-op (after supplies.)Yipee!]

I redid my budget for March and as of right now I only need to come up with an extra $50 to pay all bills for this month. I hope to sell a few things that I no longer need to make up the difference. Actually we are going to have a yard sale in the beginning of April at my Grandmothers house (she is selling her house), so hopefully I will make up the $50 there.

I feel good that all is reconciled and current. I am at work right now and am going to a Chinese Auction tonight (it is already paid for.) My mom has my boys all day, so even though I am at work I am excited to be without them all day (THANKS MOM!)

Tomorrow Jason's dad is visiting from 10:00-12:30; then Jason has Odyssey practice from 1:00-3:30. Then we have nothing for the rest of the day (yeah!!!) and no plans Sunday other than church (yeah!!!) I hope to spend some time outside, relaxing, and even take a nap on Sunday. I need some down time and some special time with my boys.

What are your weekend plans?