Thursday, March 12, 2009

Messed up again

Well, after giving myself some mad money from my tax refund, I forgot to stop spending. In Feb., after spending the $100 mad money, I spent alot more on unbudgeted for and unnecessary things. Here is the list:

$100 Rain Forest Cafe
$25 girl scout cookies
$17 earrings for me
$35 Target-misc stuff
$15 adoption donation
$17 Burger King
$47 Chinese food
$42 K-Mart (on a housewarming gift)
$55 food store (over budget)
$100 Wal-Mart -misc stuff & clothes for brother Matthew
$5 Wawa
$14 Taco Bell
$30 Chinese Auction school fundraiser
$5 Blockbuster
$30 post office (mailing brother stuff)
$44 Barnes & Noble (homeschool stuff, but overbudget)
$60 Christianbook (resources for me)
$20 MCDonalds
$9 Walgreens
$70 Cd's for Joshua (educational)
$300 Baby shower gift (starter set of size small cloth diapers)

$1040 total


I totally spent way too much on eating out (about $200.) But Duane was here for almost all of Feb. so we ate out alot. Plus I have always wanted to eat at Rain Forest Cafe, so that was a special treat. We ate out twice as much, but he paid the other times. No wonder I have gained about 5 lbs. this month. That needs to stop!!!

The baby shower gift was alot, however the woman who makes the cloth diapers is a Christian mom who homeschools her four kids, she does not work outside the home and since I think this is awesome I want to help support her efforts.

The scary thing is that I am not really sure where all this money came from (I do know where $650 of it came from.) I am current on all bills. My freedom account is still fully funded for 1 year. I have $600 in an account for any car repairs. I have $500 in an emergency fund (this needs to be more.)

But it is disappointing as I could have put it in emergency fund or in a retirement account. Or heck gone on a trip instead of buying lots of little stuff. It is a reminder that all the little stuff adds up. I think I am going to go back to no debit card and pay cash only, so I can't pull out my card for unbudgeted stuff.

Thanks for helping to keep me accountable.



Becky said...

That IS a lot of eating out! :) Every once in a while my husband and I have a month where we spend a lot on eating out, too. It adds up fast :(

It sounds like you have a great plan to get on track again. Good luck :)

Becky R said...

I don't care what you spent, I just want to know where are my cookies???

oh and about the spending, didn't we just have this conversation?

Becky R said...

duh last comment is from your mom,, since I am at your house its under your name...

Becky R said...

it is scray to see my name, I know I am forgetful, but did I forget I left myself a comment? lol!!!-the real Becky R

Jeannette said...

How do you think I felt when I saw a Becky with a husband

Jeannette said...

where are my cookies