Sunday, May 10, 2009

Children cost money?

I have been so blessed in the past 11 years that I have rarely bought clothes for my boys. They do get new socks, underwear, and shoes, but other than that I love used clothes and hand me downs. I especially love when grandparents and relatives buy them clothes for birthdays and holidays. I also feel fortunate that my boys really have not complained and pretty much wear whatever is in there drawers.

Well, we had a few hot days last week so I had a friend go into the attic to get some summer clothes down. I realized that Jason has grown and we have no summer clothes for him. Since I can not drive I went online.

Here's what I ordered for him (all prices include shipping):

Brand New:
6 t-shirts from Christianbook $50
1 t-shirt from Compassion $15

1 pair size 12 slim pants on ebay $8
4 t-shirts $13
6 pairs size 10/12 shorts $29

Total so far $115. I guess for 11 t-shirts, 1 pair of pants, and 6 pairs of shorts that is not too bad. That is less than $6.40 an item.

He sleeps in his boxers, so we don't need any summer pj's. He has a few nice church shirts, so all we still need to buy is sandals. I find with him I can't buy a cheap pair (like Payless) as they aggravate his feet. He also does not wear flip flops as the piece in between his toes drives him crazy.

Joshua has lots of t-shirts, some bathing suits, flip flops, sandals, and a few nice church shirts as well. I found 4 pairs of shorts for him in attic so far, so I think he will not need anything else to get us through till fall.

The real blessing is that in the attic I have at least 7 pairs of jeans for Josh and Jason that will fit them for fall. I also have new socks for fall already. So for sure we will only have to buy undershirts and sneakers and new sweatshirts. We may also have to buy Jason some long sleeve shirts as well. Not too bad.

As a side note, I also love used clothes as well (I don't want you to think I expect my boys to wear used clothes, but I wear all new.) As long as an item fits and is clean I am happy to wear it. (within reason-lol.)

I would prefer to be shopping at yard sales, but until my ankle heals and I can drive and walk without crutches I think I did pretty good on buying Jason summer clothes.

Do you like used clothes, hand me downs, etc? Do you only buy clothes at store if they are on slae / clearance, etc?


p.s. after I wrote this, I went online to LL Bean and got both boys new sandals. They were on clearance for $9.95 each. They are good for beach and stuff (they are like foam.) They look very cozy, and I trust LL Bean to be good quality. So we are set for summer.


ElleBee said...

I'm a huge fan of consignment and second-hand shops, especially for kids' clothes. There is a really good kids' consignment shop not too far from my home. Last week I picked up 2 pair of jeans (Old Navy and Lee) and a polo shirt (The Children's Place) for Sweet Son #1. I spent $18. Love it!

Jeannette said...

Do you u want my thoughts?

Trouwbottom said...

I just discovered that you can get free shipping from LLBean anytime by going to Sears and ordering from their computer! The salesclerk just has to put in the code. If you have an account on you can even do all your shopping at home, save your shopping cart then go to the store and order with the free shipping! I did this yesterday and it worked out great!