Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homeschool Covention

Yesterday and today I went to my first homeschool convention. It was pretty amazing. The workshops were great as were the vendors. They even had a used curriculum sale. I was super excited about that, but all the walking got me tired so I didn't look at the used stuff as much as I wish I could have.

I went to a class on teaching your child to read. The approach was super simple, fun, and super inexpensive.
I went to another class on distractable moms and ways to cope with that. The author was very good. I bought one of her books. How to keep your child off the refrigerator and on to learning. She also has an ADHD son. I read the book when I got home last night, it has alot of great ideas, especially some fun games I think my boys will really enjoy.

I bought Joshua's Latin stuff used. Book cost $14 new, I got it for $5. The cd he needs is $5 new, I paid $1. I saved $13. Yeah! I also got some first grade readers for Joshua.
In addition I bought Joshua an art book How to Draw People. It is so cute and age appropriate. I also bought him some blank books to use for his art. He got a great art kit for his birthday.
I also got some wiki sticks and activities to go with the, I have wanted to buy them for a while. We use them at my job to help the kids with fine motor issues, but they are fun for any kid.
I got myself The Five Love Languages for Children. I have wanted this book for awhile as well. I have read half of it already.
I am so excited as I got 6 sets of Adventures in Odyssey Stories. Each set has 6 tapes with 2 episodes on each tape (total 6 hours on each set x 6= 36 hours of adventures in Odyssey.) They were only $3 each because they were tapes, but it works great for us as we still have a tape player in the car. My kids are going to be thrilled. Especially since we may be driving back to Ohio next month.

It was nice as the boys were with there grandparents yesterday and today so I had these two days to myself. Although I did alot of walking (or crutching as I am still on crutches) it is nice to have a time to not be responsible for anyone. Plus my boys got to have time away from me and each other as well (they were at separate grandparents houses.)

When I got home I rested, then about an hour later Joshua came home. We played balloon catch and then we drew a construction worker from his book. Then I put him to bed. I am still waiting for Jason to get home as he was at a barbecue.

I am super tired! As soon as Jason comes home I will be going to bed.

How was your weekend? What did you do?



Anonymous said...

I noticed you read the book "How to Get your Child off the Refrigerator and on to Learning". It's a great book. You mentioned you have an ADHD son that you homeschool? I HIGHLY recommend "Homeschooling the Challenging Child" by Christine Field. It's a book that CHANGED MY LIFE...I reviewed it on my blog if you want to check it out.