Friday, May 15, 2009

Joshua's day

Joshua went on a field trip today. My mom went with him. He seemed to enjoy himself. They went to a local u-pick farm and picked strawberries and went on a hay ride. This sounds like my cup of tea. I want to live on a farm (minus getting up with the roosters.) I was sad I could not go on the trip, but glad my mom was able to go with him.

When Josh got home he was a bit fresh and spent some time in time out. He is very strong willed, and almost needs a daily reminder of his boundaries.

After time out we all had a delicious lunch of chicken salad sandwiches with a garden salad on the side. Joshua made the salad. He cut up the cucumbers and tomatoes. He loves salad.

After lunch Joshua and I made origami turtles together. They came out really cute.

Now he is at soccer with my friend, Monica, her son is also on the team Josh is on. The last soccer game of the season is tomorrow. I am going to the game and hope to remember to bring my camera. I hope Josh gets to be goalie again, he loves to be goalie.

Joshua is so full of life. I love having lengthy conversations with him about nothing and everything. He and I share a love of chatting! This of course gets us both in trouble. LOL!

Josh also has been cleaning the bathroom since I can not, he has been doing an amazing job. I only use vinegar, so I am not concerned he will get chemicals on himself. He does the mirror, sink, and toilet. Sometimes he does the shower door as well. He also empties the garbage and replaces the bag. He is proud that this is his chore. I have to remind him how good he is doing at it.

Another thing that amazes me about Joshua is when the toilet paper roll is empty he replaces it. I know grown men who do not do this. Maybe he fears I will not replace the roll as I use cloth, but still this really impresses me.

Josh is a really fun loving boy. I am so glad he is my son.