Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests:

I am not sleeping at night due to some ankle pain and general discomfort with cast on. In turn I am very tired in the day time.

My ex mother in law, Miriam (Joshua's grandmother) has cancer that has spread over much of her body, they do not expect her to live much longer. She does not know the Lord.

Jason's dad after not calling for two months has starting calling again. Jason does not want to talk to him on the phone, but does want to see him. Pray for God's will. Pray for my son who is hurting over missing his dad. Pray for salvation for his dad, also named Jason, and his wife as well, her name is Donna.

My brother, Kevin is living in Ohio taking care of my grandmother. Pray for wisdom and strength for him. Pray he is blessed for putting his life on hold to do this.

My brother, Eric needs prayer as well. He is unemployed (he is a union carpenter.) In addition he and his girlfriend of 7 years broke up recently and he is not taking it well. He also has some health issues. And his dog, who is his best friend, is seriously ill. Mostly he does not know the Lord.

My mom needs prayer as she is trying to help my brother. In addition she is working two jobs (my stepfather, also a union carpenter is also unemployed.) My mom needs more time for herself and down time. Pray for blessings for her for all she does in my life. She is amazing!

Thanks so much!



Jeannette said...

You are awesome, and are filled with such great wisdom

I am so very proud of you and so blessed to have a wonderful daughter like you

thank you

Anonymous said...

WOW. A lot of prayers needed for your precious family.

mandie said...

i LOVE this!!! this is near and dear to my heart!