Tuesday, May 12, 2009

frugal / green living

This is a repost from Aug. 30, 2008, I updated it a bit:

Hello! My goal is to live very frugally/green. In the process it has made me aware how much we waste. So I am really trying to use everything up and not buy stuff if I have something similar. I have saved lots of money along the way.

This goes for:

-paper towels- dishcloths work great (but my mom does buy us paper towels, thanks mom, so hey I will use them if they are free to me)
-paper napkins- cloth ones I got used a long time ago also work great
-sanitary napkins- cloth ones are so much nicer on my skin (email Meaghan at primmnproperbaby@yahoo.com to buy some-she is a Christian work at home mom. Her cloth diapers and sanitary napkins are great.)
-cloth diapers, you can buy great all in one's, no messing with pins or plastic pants
-cloth baby wipes- any washcloth/fabric will do
-toilet paper-f leece fabric (recycled from an old shirt) works wonderfully (and so soft too, and no lint) (no I am not kidding, it works great!)
-store bought cleaning products
- vinegar &/or baking soda work great on most anything
-toothpaste- baking soda works great
-deodorant- again baking soda works great or corn starch
-laundry soap- I make my own, check out recipe here

The above are some of the things I do to live frugally/green.

I am trying to figure out frugal/green shaving, as shaving cream and razors can really add up (I have debated not shaving anymore, but I like smooth legs.) I tried an electric razor, ouch! Too harsh on my sensitive skin.
I need to find frugal, but good razors (I have very sensitive skin), any good tips?

I am trying to use up everything consumable we have before buying anything new.

I compost to keep some stuff out of the garbage. Great tip- add tea bags and coffee grinds to compost, it makes for great fertilizer.

Before I toss anything, I see if we can reuse or the kids can make something out of it. They especially love paper towel rolls (from the paper towels my mom buys.)

I also use junk mail and envelopes as scrap paper before they hit the garbage or compost. (My grandmother does this and I used to make fun of her. Sorry Grandma! You had the right idea.)

This may sound extreme to some, and not extreme enough to others (I still buy those little flossers cause they are so convenient, regular floss is too difficult for me and the kids, but I do get them at the dollar store.)

I feel God wants us to be good stewards of His money, His resources, and His Earth. This is how I am doing my part. What about you?