Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hired @ Home book

I would ask that all who read my blog and have blogs themselves link my post about the book Hired @ Home on your blog. This book is from a Christain work at home mom and my name is in it with stuff I said about working from home (pages 56 & 57.) The author sent me a free copy as a thank you for contributing. So please help get the word out about this book. Hired @ Home by Sarah Hamaker. Please consider linking my post about the book on your blog. Thanks so much!

Check out the book, it is for sale on Thanks!!!

Hired@Home: The Christian Woman's Guide to Working From Home (DPL Press, May 2008) gives the reader an insider's view on how to create a home-based business or work-from-home job. The book addresses the unique challenges and opportunities for Christian women who want to work from home.

Hired@Home answers the question: How does a Christian woman unlock her work-from-home potential? The book helps women sort through the issues surrounding working from home in light of their other responsibilities.

Anchored by stories from Christian stay-at-home women who work from home, the book discusses, among other issues:

How to evaluate from a Scriptural standpoint your family, financial, and personal situation to see if working from home is right for you;
How to decide on an at-home business;
How to set up your at-home business;
How to market your business; and
How to juggle family, work, and time for yourself
Sarah Hamaker is an at-home mother of three young children, who works as a freelance writer and editor in Fairfax, Virginia.