Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to one amazing 8 year old

Today is Joshua's 8th birthday!

Sunday we had a barbecue at the house for him and he got tons of presents. He is so blessed. Today I gave him a new prepaid cell phone. Not that I think an 8 year old should have a phone, but sometimes life should be fun too. He also got a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon. He is getting his favorite lunch of egg salad as well. And we will round out the day with dinner at the Chinese buffet (all his choices.)

I am so blessed to have Joshua in my life. He is so an awesome kid. He loves to talk and can hold a pleasant conversation for quiet some time. He is always very concerned that Jason has things (like if he gets a treat, he wants to make sure to get one for Jason.) He is a great big cousin and is frequently helping me care for and play with Kaiden. Joshua prays often for our sponsor child, and wants to visit him some day.

Joshua has had an opinion about stuff since day one. From yelling at us at 10 months old while at the dinner table (we were eating steak, it was clear he wanted some.) Or from his need to wear something orange from ages 2-5, and pick out his own clothes whether they matched or not (more often not.) Or even now when he tells us how to properly care for Kaiden, or how he wants stuff done. He knows what he wants wants, and is not afraid to tell us.

Joshua has spunk. When he is around you know it, and I pray God will use that to do great things in his life.

Happy Birthday Joshua!



Jeannette said...

I am an amazing 8 year old aren't I.. ha ha

Love you Joshua, you are filled with great things

Rose said...

Tell him I said happy birthday!!! It sounds like you had fun!!!