Monday, September 1, 2008

another frugal tip

Hi! I had run out of hand soap, of which we use alot of. I tried to refill our pump with dish soap full strength, but it was too slippery for kids to wash with. So I tried it mixed with water, still no good. I do wash my hands with dish soap all the time at the kitchen sink, but for some reason is was not working with the kids slippery hands in the bathroom.
So I thought I was going to have to buy some hand soap, but I read online to use regular bar soap (small amount) with water. So I actually had a sliver left of our bar soap in the shower. I threw it in our hand soap and filled it with water. After 2 days it is now great hand soap. It was free, in that I would have probably tossed that last soap sliver (or threw it in my bucket that I soak rags in.) But still, it works great, and I avoided buying something once again.

Also I shaved the other day with my organic soap. First, I lathered up really good with my dollar store loofah thing. Then I shaved my legs and the results were great. Of course my kids were not home so that helped (not having them walk in bathroom every few minutes.) So I no longer need to buy shaving cream. I still am unsure about the disposable razors, but I read online to store razor upside down in a little baby oil after use to keep blade from oxidizing so quickly. I will try that.

So soap is great! Of course, I am not sure these will work with every soap, but organic soap is great!!!! Plus I just found a place I can buy some that are seconds (not perfect, or good enough for retail, but still great for personal use. I think I will order a block and be set for the next year.) Go here to check it out yourself. -Becky


Christine said...

Great idea! I should have thought of it. :)

Anita said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately...I haven't even been blogging lately!
Those are some pretty neat ideas!