Sunday, September 21, 2008

My dream house

this is my dream house, right down to the color and plants hanging on the wrap around porch


Anita said...

ooo, I love going on drives and lookiing at houses! Good pick! I'd love to have an acreage one day with a big 5-6 bedroom house.

Sisters of the Blog said...

Which room is mine????


Becky R said...

Mom, any room you want. Or since we are dreaming, I will build you your dream house on the other side of my 25 acres. Then we will be close, but have our own spaces. The house will connect with an underground tunnel that all kids can run in to there heart's content. We will also have a built in pool, and maid service and a chef and a personal trainer at our service. AND NO BARKING DOGS!!! I love you! -Becky