Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am better

Hello! I got lots of rest and am so much better.

Our week went more smoothly and we got more accomplished as well. I even got another job (I know, I need less, not more) but I think it will be good. I will be doing childcare in a homeschool family's home Mon. from 9:00-2:30. I get to bring Jason. It will just be Jason and this one almost 4 year old girl. So we can do schoolwork while I work. (They need childcare as Mon. the mom brings the younger child to his therapies as he has special needs.) The family is Christian and super nice. The mom was a nanny so she could pay for college, so she does not want to treat me as a servant, since she has been there.
Wed. I will work in the office, Jason will be with a friend of mine who homeschools and will assure he does his work.
Fri. I will also be at work at the office, my mom will watch Jason. She will bring him to work with her, so he will get most of his lessons done there as well.
Tues. & Thur. we are still doing co-op from 9:30-2:00. This is great as everyday, except Wed. I will be able to get Josh from school. And everyday I get to bring him to school.

So far all Sept. bills are paid and will be paid by Oct. 3rd, including Oct. rent.

I also have two opportunities in the next two weeks to make some extra money which will be helpful as I have some unbudgeted expenses in the next few weeks:

$24 for new driver's license (mine is expiring)
$25 daycare license fee
$30 co-op insurance fee
$18 need propane tank refilled

I will be doing childcare for a temple on there Jewish holidays, the pay will just about cover all above expenses.

God is so good! We are so blessed!

I also was able to buy some clothes, as Sears online was having a super clearance. I bought 30 items for $130 including shipping. Most are for next spring and summer, but a few will be for fall. I got 2 pairs Capri's, 4 skirts, 2 skorts, 19 short sleeve shirts, and 2 3/4 length shirts, and 1 pair nice pants. I am so excited to have an entire new wardrobe for next Spring (minus underclothes and shoes, but I actually bought new sandals this summer, so they will still be good for spring.) If I lose weight as I want to, I will sell entire lot on eBay. I am sure I will make the $130 back.

Plus I still have money in my freedom account for a brake job, which I will need in Oct.

Another thing is big Jason (my son's dad) called the therapist and we are going to have a phone conference to discuss Jason (my son) in Oct. I am nervous, but glad he is reaching out as my son misses him alot. I feel good that I will have the therapist to help me with the call. Pray as we do not agree on anything, especially homeschooling!

So, I feel more optimistic than this past week.

And one more crazy thing, I called to cancel my internet for Sept. 11th (last day of my billing cycle), but they never did. Weird! I have to call about it on Monday. I hope since it is not my mistake I will not have to pay for the services from Sept. 11th on, but I have been using them so maybe that is not fair?

I am off to bed. -Becky


Anita said...

Glad to hear you so upbeat:) Being a single mom can't be easy.