Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello! Please pray:

tomorrow starts our homeschooling co-op

pray for all parents & students to be healthy & safe

pray for all to run smoothly

pray specifically for Jason as this is all new to him

pray for me teaching preschool at co-op

pray that I can continue to be awake before 7:00am

pray I do not have trouble waking the kids tomorrow

pray I am not angry

pray that I do not yell at my kids

pray as I am sad (about break with Duane)

pray also for me getting back to aerobics tomorrow night

pray for our first class of First Place Bible study which is also tomorrow night

pray as I am so tired!!!! -Becky


Jeannette said...

you will do great in CO-op and so will Jason, you have a special way of making everything work. God is always with you

love mom