Wednesday, September 10, 2008

goodbye internet

As of tomorrow we will no longer have internet in our home. This was purely a financial decision as I need to cut cost like crazy and only have the bare necessities. I will get online at my mom's and library, so I am going to figure out how to set posts to appear a different day (so I can still post a few a week.) But I commit I will update this blog at least once a week. I am a little addicted to this blog, so I have to get my fix. I am also addicted to reading many of your blogs DAILY! I hope I can make it (lol!)

Please pray as Jason is having some adjustment issues, and for me as I am super stressed over all I have to do each day. Being a Christian is hard. Being a mom is hard. Being single is hard. Life is hard! Ok, you all already know this. (or have your own hard stuff anyway.) But I know God will give me strength, pray I remember to ask HIM daily!

Also pray that I do not add any more commitments as our week looks like this:

Our weekdays:
Mon.- Thur.
me up at 6:30 devotion time
shower & dress
7:15-Josh up & ready for school
7:45-Jason up
Jason ready
8:15-take Josh to school
come back & get Jason
8:45-off to work or homeschool co-op
9:15-4:15-work / 9:30-2:15 homeschool co-op
get boys from sitters (Josh 3:00 on Tues.,& Thur.)
8:00-Josh bed
9:00-Jason bed
clean house
try & exercise (not happening yet)
lunches, clothes, & lesson plans for next day
11:00-me bed (not really happening yet)

Josh to school and Jason in home homeschool day
me laundry as well

Tues. night 5-6 Josh soccer
6-7 aerobics
7-8:15-Bible study

Wed. night 6-8:30 church activities (dinner & kids program, I help out with that)

Thur. night 5:30-Jason doctor (every other week)

Fri. night 4:30-5:30-aerobics
6-7 Josh soccer
family time

Sat.-straighten house
soccer game
fun with kids
work at 5:00

Sun.- 9:15 Sunday school

all clothes clean and ready for week (not happening yet)
boys in bed early
lesson plans for week (not happening yet)

I can hardly breath. But pray I need to do time with God every day, go to bed by 11:00pm (and be asleep), and wake up at 6:30. I also need to exercise about 20 min. a day as well. I also need to be a mom, office employee, homeschool teacher to Jason, and co-op preschool teacher.

It always helps me to list things out, so thanks!

How do your days look? -Becky


MagnoliaWhisper said...

Hi I wanted to say I believe there is some ISPs out there for free. Like oh......Netzero, you only get 10 hours a month, but 10 is better then 0. I'm sure there's a few others out there too. I looked on Google real fast, and Juno offers free 10 hours a month too! So if you got both, you could have 20 free hours a month. AND that would mean (or I would just make 2 juno accounts) you could update your blog at least once a week at home! lol haha

I would write it off line. Then copy and paste it online!

BTW, I seen a link to your page on another site, and had to come cause Rivera is my maiden name. lol