Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another awesome Christmas gift!

As a family gift my mom and stepfather got us basic cable. We have not had cable at all for over 3 years. And that meant very few channels, and the ones we got were fuzzy (we tried an antenna as well.) Anyway due to the Feb. change over (no more analog signals) we would have had no tv. I know this is not the worse thing in the world and we love to watch movies, but the cable is SO NICE!!!

Thanks MOM & SCOTT!!!

Also we have gotten some gift cards and cash this Christmas. I have been able to pay all Dec. bills, Jan. rent, and I paid ahead on the Jan. gas bill. So all my bills are current or have a credit!!!

In addition I have $150 left to buy a refurbished computer with a used flat screen panel monitor. I need to do so as my cd drive has not worked in years. I got an external cd drive ($50) but that too is now broken (we accidentally dropped it.) So instead of buying another $50 external cd drive, I am just going to buy a refurbished computer. We use them at work and they are great!!! I am so excited. We will be able to load new games, programs, etc. I also hope to get one that I can watch dvd's on.

I know these are material things and so not needed, but we never get to splurge and get ourselves stuff, so it feels so nice. God has always provided for all our needs, but so often He also provides for our wants, and wishes. Our God is so awesome in that he blesses us so.

Merry Christmas! -Becky


Jeannette said...

It was really me, but thats ok, you can thank Scott too :)

I am so glad that you have tv now, just remember don't loose the remote

you and the children are such a great blessing to me that giving you cable is just a small gesture