Monday, December 15, 2008


Dec. is already an amazing month. I have managed over the past few months to get my non existent emergency fund back up to 2 months worth of living expenses. In addition, I have paid all Dec. bills so far. Between now & Jan. 1st I just need to come up with Jan. rent (only $500.)

I also have been able to give to a few Christmas offerings.

In addition I had Jason's birthday party (thanks Mom & Kevin), and got him a new camera for his birthday. A real camera. He loves it. He likes to take movies of his toys and his hand that he pretends is a monster.

I also got (made, bought, or found) small tokens of appreciation for many people in our lives who I like to give a thank you to at Christmas.

I got Josh a few awesome Christmas gifts. I was not planning on getting the boys gifts (except a new Bible each.) However Josh has this thing about Santa this year; so even though it is all about Christ, I want him to have the excitement that comes with Santa as well. We say Santa brings gifts because Santa loves Jesus. So now I will have to get Jason a few things as well.

I have been to two Christmas parties, and am going to our co-op homeschool Christmas party on Thur.

We have also made cookies and driven around a few times to see Christmas lights; which the boys love to do.

I got a free energy audit from the utility company. They gave me free low energy light bulbs, a free attic cap, and they are delivering a new, free, energy efficient fridge on Thur. Yippee!!!

I can not believe Christmas is only 10 days a way. But we certainly are feeling so very blessed in our home. In addition to all blessings I already mentioned, our home is warm, we have lots to eat, and are all very healthy. Plus we have a wonderful family, friends, and church family!!!

God was, is, and always will be AMAZING!!!!!



Jeannette said...

we are so blessed in so many ways, I know having you in my life is a huge blessing
you give so much to so many

Love Mom

Unknown said...

Becky, I've been following your blog for awhile now, and I just wanted to tell you that you are such an inspiration. Although our lives are very different, your unwavering faith in God, that He will provide for you is amazing. I can tell that you are an awesome Mom to your two boys and they will grow up to be strong wonderful men who provide for their families, because they had a Mom who worked tirelessly to provide--physically and spiritually--for them. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!