Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This month's budget

I know I have been tremendously blessed in that so far up to Dec. 1st all my bills are paid in full. I also have money for Jason's 11th birthday party which is in two weeks. And my teeth are all taken care of for at least 6 months. My car is also current on brakes and oil changes and the tires are good as well. In addition we have our home, and our health plus so much more! We are so blessed!!!

However, this month my office is closed two weeks and my Mon. childcare job is over (they only needed someone temporary.) So this reduces my income this month by about $300. So I need to find a way this month to come up with another $245.

I already am doing childcare 3 Saturdays this month and 1 Friday night, but this is reflected in my budget. I do not have any other Fri. nights available for childcare as this Fri. is my church ladies Christmas party, next Fri. is my work Christmas party, and the 26th I am working a Hanukkah dinner (also reflected in my budget.)

I have offered myself out to those I know for childcare the times I usually would be at work. I am hoping some families need some time to do holiday prep.

I do have my emergency fund and technically this is loss of income, but I am hopeful I will not have to touch that money.

But this is just another opportunity for God to provide. I am able and hopefully He will provide more work. I will keep you updated about how it is going!