Monday, December 3, 2007

back from ladies retreat

Hello! Fri. & Sat. I was away on a ladies retreat with my church. 49 ladies attended. It was amazing. The theme was Loving Well, it was about how God is love as oppossed to the love we know as an emotion. And how He wants to love us and all we need to do is accept is and make time to get replenished in Him. It was a very emotional and fun weekend. I am so glad I went. I also am so grateful my mom watched my kids. It was so nice to have a break from them. I got to spend some time with old friends and some new. Fri. night we had a huge pj party in the lobby (we had this wing of retreat center just for our group.) We played games, chatted, laughed, and cried together. It was great. Some of those ladies had some cute pj's (THANKS APRIL FOR BUYING NEW ONES JUST FOR THE RETREAT-LOL.)
This upcoming month is a very busy one (as I am sure it is for all of you.) I realize I have something scheduled every day this month. It is crazy. Mon.'s Jason has a standing doctors appointment. Tues. I have aerobics (and tomorrow after aerobics I have a daycare interview.) Wed. night we have church. Thur. night I schedule as family night and we play board games, except next Thur. I have a required daycare class. Next Mon(10th) is Jason's 10th birthday. This Fri. I am having a cookie swap after I drive Jason half way to meet his dad. Next Fri. is Jason's sleep over birthday party. Fri. 21st I am having daycare parents over for a small party. This Sat. I am face painting at a foster kids Christmas party, Sat. night I have my part time Christmas party. And every other Sat. I also babysit at night. Sun. we have church and relax.

But I did take Christmas Eve-Jan 2nd off as a holiday from work and we have no plans (except Christmas-lol!) But that week no work or school, no doctors or aerobics, no daycare classes, nothing work!!! (except being a mom-lol.) YEAH!!!!!!!

I pray you get to be calm and spend family time at least every Sunday this month.

At least my tree is up and my Christmas cards are out already. Now we will work on decorating the tree and making cookies. Yum!

-Becky (still crazy)