Monday, December 3, 2007

My Christmas Letter


Dear Family & Friends,

Hello! This is the earliest I am writing my Christmas letter as it is not even Dec. yet (we’ll see if I am as good mailing them out.) I am writing this in our new house, our new address is:
Yes, we moved again, and back to where I grew up. We are renting my grandmother’s house as she has moved to AZ. We miss her, but are so grateful she is entrusting us with her house. We just moved in mid Aug. and immediately felt at home. Joshua loves sharing a room with his big brother, and Jason really enjoys riding his bike to school and playing with his new friend who lives right behind us. I love our yard, even mowing the grass and raking the leaves, things that I never had to do in any of my apartments.
Joshua has started preschool, he goes 2 ½ hours every weekday. He really enjoys it; he has a few friends there. His teacher tells me he gets along well with other kids, listens, and shares very nicely. Josh loves our new yard and wants to play out there all the time. He enjoys riding his police car and putting his friends in jail or writing very expensive tickets to me. In May, Joshua turned 4.
Jason is in the 4th grade. He already has made a few friends at his new school. In addition to riding his bike, he still likes to skateboard, and his new favorite is to heeley (sneakers with built in wheels.) He also still likes to read. Jason played fall soccer and did well. Jason bought his own Wii game system this year and enjoys playing the interactive games. Next week Jason will turn 10.
As for me, I cannot believe that I have been a mom for almost 10 years. I feel I have matured so much over the past ten years, yet still have so much to learn (and according to Jason I don’t know ANYTHING-LOL.) I love being a mom to Jason & Josh, they still amaze me everyday. I can’t believe the things I say as a mom (get the underwear off the ceiling fan tops it all this year.)
Personally, it was a tough winter for me as I slipped on some ice in Feb. and broke my ankle. It was tough, painful, and humbling, I had to ask for so much help. But you all helped me get through it.
And that brings me to my many blessings. We have a wonderful support system in all of you, a nice house, good food to eat, my in home daycare (now going into it’s 3rd year), and so much more, but what I am so grateful for is Jesus Christ who came to this earth 2000 plus years ago. He is the reason I am writing this letter and the reason for this upcoming season. His birth was amazing, but even more so is his death. He died so that you & I could have a way to know God personally. It is all so amazing. God loves you that much (and me too.) So I pray that your Christmas season is a blessed one and that you would take some time to learn more about why we celebrate the birth of a babe born in a manager.
I’d like to invite you to join us Christmas Eve at 6:00pm at Calvary Baptist Church on the corner of Lloyd Rd. and Church St. in Aberdeen, NJ or any Sunday at 10:30am. Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Becky, Jason, & Joshua