Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hello! Jason's grandparents (not Josh's) had Santa come to our house on the fire truck a few minutes ago. The thought was nice, but I don't actually do Santa. We say he was a man who loved God and wanted to give gifts so kids and people would know about God's love. We don't get gifts from him cause we know about God, but we still give gifts to share God's love. I do get my kids four gifts each, for a total of $40 each (give or take.) So I have never visited Santa or had pictures taken with him, but Jason's grandparents do the whole Santa thing and they thought it would be nice. I so appreciate that they are involved with Jason and even Josh (who they have no obligation to.) And actually Joshua loved it. He was so excited to see Santa in his living room. Santa even gave them a candy cane and gift (the gifts were given by the grandparents as well, and they paid to have Santa come here-it's a fundraiser for the fire house in town.) Joshua just had to call his best friend, Dylan & his grandma screaming that Santa came here. He is so happy. It is so cute. Since both my boys know of Jesus's birth I am not too worried that Santa excites them as well.
Merry Christmas!


Jeannette said...

Wow, what a wonderful day your children had, the excitement in Josh's voice was well worth every minute of Santas visit. I am so glad he didn't flip out or hit Santa or something, although that would have been funny too