Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas shopping

Hello! Although I started in Oct. I still am not done Christmas shopping, plus I have way over spent. Next year I am going to wait till I have all the money I need then put it in an envelope and then go shopping or to my computer. I have to get one more gift for my stepfather. I am not sure what to get him. I am sure I will think of something, but I hate the thought of going into another store. I did most of my shopping on ebay and Christian Book Distributors -totally go to there website they have such awesome stuff at great prices and shipping is so fast and cheap.

I have been tremendously blessed with some donations to me this year (thanks for them.) I used this money that we got as early Christmas gifts to finish my shopping and pay off a few bills. As of right now all our 2007 bills are paid up. I almost have all the money for the rest of bills and Jan. rent. God is so good to us.

I am so in awe this time of year of how kind people can be. It really makes me feel so blessed. Merry Christmas! -Becky