Thursday, December 13, 2007


We have church on Wed. night, so every Thur. I so wish it was Friday. I am tired. Last night at church we had our Christmas potluck. It is always nice to fellowship with members of my church. Plus my mom & grandma came as well. After the dinner we went to a concert at my niece's school. She is in 7th grade and in the chorus. I was glad to go and support her. She got to be a swan swimming in the 12 days of Christmas song. It was cute. Jason & Joshua were good. They wanted to leave after the first song but overall did well.
I am so blessed as I have received two gifts from wonderful people for Christmas. I so appreciate getting them and before Christmas so I can finish my shopping and such. I also was able to pay something off that I needed to. God is so good. It is only God when someone gives you money no strings attached. It is only God that those people love me so much! It is amazing. I know I have mentioned how tight money is but more so I want to convey how blessed I am. We have SO much! TOO MUCH! We have our health, our home (without a mortgage for 7 years), so many toys and arts and craft supplies and books, we have food, we have a nice yard to play in, a running car, all our bills paid as of Dec. 1st. This is all so amazing and all only because of God. And God has blessed us with a wonderful support system in our friends, church family, and family. God knows I need them, too.


Christine said...

Amen and well said. :) We all have soo much.