Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

Hello! Today is the last day of 2007. A day to reflect and make resolutions. Mine are simple, lose weight and grow in my walk with the Lord. I have a step by step plan to do both as just saying a simple statement does not really work. For my weight I am starting a biblical approach to eating and filling our voids with food instead of God. Also I am in aerobics once a week and will be exercising 15 min in am and 15 mins in afternoon. Also I will be drinking 6 glasses water a day and writing down everything I eat. I think the greatest help will be more time with the Lord, and the accountability group. I think it all ties together. If we are struggling, a diet, or pill, or plan will not help if we are not growing closer to the Lord.
I will keep you all updated on my resolutions.
This weekend was a strange one for me, I did some out of the ordinary things. Saturday I worked and kids slept at my mom's. But Sunday was such a nice day we went down to Sandy Hook. It was fun for kids to run and play on beach (with winter coats, hats, and gloves on.) Jason even got some shells. Of course we had to leave when Joshua went in the water. He was not even cold. He could not understand why he could not go in the water like in summer. Didn't the coat and gloves tip him off? LOL!
Today we were going to go to New York but we are all just really tired. Jason has a friend over and they are outside riding his new bike that he got for Christmas. It is still nice out, a bit windy, but not that cold.
We are going to go to the movies to see The Water Horse and get some junk food for tonight, but I doubt I will make it up till 12:00, I guess I am getting old-lol (28 is so old.) I have been through this new year thing before, I don't need to see it happen, tomorrow will be 2008 whether I stay up or not, and the amount of sleep I get determines if I start the new year cranky or not.
Now that I have mentioned it I want to add one more resolution, to be cranky a lot less. We will see about that.


apple9job said...

Hey Beck, I heard the boys riding bikes this afternoon and they seemed to be getting along okay - constantly making rules about what the other could or couldnt do, but it was funny. Anyway, Happy New Year! Last night a couple of my friends and I wrote down all the negative things from 2007 we wanted to banish from our lives in 2008 and burned them in a Dole pineapple can under the stars. It was very cleansing! Hope the year is more peaceful and stress-free and productive for both of us, neighbor!