Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas is over

Hello! Well Christmas 2007 has come and gone. The presents are unwrapped and scattered all over the house. The family gatherings are through. We got so much we are so blessed. I am waiting for the new room to arrive to put all this stuff away-lol. I was off from work all week. I have lost track off the days from all the relaxing we have done. And I still have Sun., Mon., & Tues. off, it is so nice! Of course it is unpaid time off but well worth it. I could not imagine having to have put all this stuff away already for daycare to resume. Plus it will only be a three day work week next week, so that is nice. Tonight I am actually going to work at my part time babysitting job. I can make a little money anyway.
The kids are playing with new toys they got for Christmas. Jason wants to go outside and ride his new bike. It is nice enough, it is actually strangely warm weather outside. I like it though. Yesterday we got to play outside too. The less time I have to shovel snow and deice is fine with me.
Today we are going to straighten house, and clean car before I go to work. I will clean, kids will relax and play, I am sure. But they need some down time so that is OK.
I also tried to make some homemade bread today. I used a easy bread recipe and wheat flour but it is not so good. I will try it again as the idea of me making homemade bread is exciting. I want to see if it really is worth it to save money and if good homemade bread beats store bought. I will keep you updated on that.
Have a great weekend! Try and relax! -Becky


Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

So you are trying to make bread, too. Let me know if you are sucessful. :)