Thursday, December 13, 2007


I want to tell you about It was created to keep stuff out of landfills that is good but not wanted anymore. Example you have a washer and dryer matching set and the dryer goes, you decide that you want a new matching set, so do you throw away the good washer? No offer it on freecycle via a post on a local freecycle website and people who want it will email you. You make arrangements for person you choose to pick it up. It gets better, do you need a used washer, then you can post a wanted request and if someone has one they will email you. You can ask for or offer anything-good carpet, clothes, fish tanks, bowling balls. It all is free (do not ask for money for the stuff you offer!!!!.) Make sure the stuff you offer is in good used condition, not junk.

I have gotten new carpet that someone did not want, clothes, coats, toys, and more. I have offered sheets, toys, clothes, candle holders, and so much more.

Give it a try You will have to join a local chapter with a yahoo address all free to do. This is a good time to offer stuff as your kids and you will be getting more stuff for Christmas. Great way to declutter and help the environment!!!!