Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Venture. I need prayer and help!

I have just started selling Pampered Chef.

I am really excited as I am starting to really enjoy cooking and like having good tools to do so.
Plus the Pampered Chef products are well made and have a great guarantee.

Here is what I need from you:

First, prayer. Please pray that this would provide some income for our family. Also that I could be a positive witness to those I meet and have shows for.

Second, would you consider hosting a catalog show to help me out.

For a catalog party I send you catalogs and order forms, you show them to anyone you wish. Take orders and mail back to me (at my expense.) If you have some orders you can earn free and half price items.

Even if you are out of state you can host a catalog party for me.

I would really appreciate prayers and if you can host a catalog party.

Even if you don't wish to host any parties you can order just for yourself. Let me know and I will drop a catalog in the mail to you. If you are out of state you can have items shipped right to you.

Thanks so much!