Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time with mom and sister

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I went to get pedicures (I also got an eyebrow wax and they got manicures.) We went to this awesome spa that uses all organic stuff. I loved it. I felt so pampered. But the best part was the time talking with my mom and sister with no agenda or kids around. That does not happen too often. They are really cool people so I actually enjoy spending time with them. So I am super grateful for yesterday!



Anonymous said...


I check in on your blog all the time, and I find it very interesting. As an atheist, I disagree with A LOT (lol) of what you say, but I really appreciate your outlook and your adorable boys. I guess I was wondering, since we're pretty much opposite on the religious front, if you minded my reading your blog? I live in a religious area, and generally keep my atheism under wraps to avoid hurting my family. I wanted to take the opportunity to as a religious person anonymously, would you try to convert me if you knew me in real life? would you keep your kids away from me or my kids (assuming you were fine with me as a person, and then found out about my atheism?).

I hope this isn't too inappropriate or personal, but I figured you could just ignore or not publish the comment if you didn't want to answer. :-)