Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some relief

I actually just got the rest of my stuff from my old house (no one has been living there since I moved out in Dec. of 2009); I have been using it as storage, but my grandmother (it's her house) is coming for a visit (she retired to Arizona) on Saturday. It feels good to have that done. Of course, now I have stuff I have to find a place for at my new house (it was old school stuff, boys toys, old paperwork, some kitchen stuff, my ab roller, Jason's huge loft bed, and a few other misc. items.) Many of these items will probably be given or thrown away, but at least they are out of my old house.

Tomorrow I have to go clean my old house as it is really dusty from sitting vacant for 7 months. Then Tuesday I am going to paint the bathroom, back room, and my old bedroom. I am just going to prime them white to cover paint I put up. Then I will have done what I can to put house back in condition I moved into it (actually it is a bit better as I had back deck fixed, and my stepfather and brother, Eric added an awesome closet in bedroom while I lived there.)

I can not wait until it is done. Then I can start making plans to paint my living room and clean the outside of my house and deck. Can you tell I am really ambitious? I am, but most of what I aspire to do stays on my wish list. A girl can dream though. lol.



Rose said...

I always feel like I WANT to get something done! You know.... Like it HAS to be done. Is your house you live in now bigger than the other? I always feel some kind of relief when I get something done. Have a great day! I am glad your getting it done! Love,

Becky R said...

Dear Rose,

My new house is bigger in some ways and smaller in others.
My new yard is twice as big as my old yard (which my boys love.)
My old house had a huge attic for storage, my new house has very little storage, only a shed in the yard.
My new house has three bedrooms, my old house had only two (so that is bigger.) My new kitchen is slightly bigger, but my new living room is smaller.
My new bathroom is slightly bigger as well.
Overall the new house is bigger, just with less storage.
We love our new house and feel so blessed to have it. My boys love having their own rooms as well.