Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baking day

I wanted to make some breakfast muffins and snacks for the week. This is what we made (everything made fully from scratch, I even ground my own wheat berries):

a loaf of wheat bread (no picture)
chocolate covered peanut butter balls (no picture)

mini oatmeal muffins

chocolate chip cookies (flipped upside down and loaded with chocolate as per Jason's request)

popcorn balls

hard pretzels (they didn't taste that good, so we dipped them in chocolate to see if we could make them a more edible snack)

corn muffins (half look darker as we added blue dye- natural dye, Josh wanted half to be blue, but it didn't really turn out blue)

my kitchen table full of goodies

of course even after running a full load in my dishwasher my kitchen sink still looks like this:

What did you and your family do today?



Jeannette said...

I did ch_rch, but we were missing u

then I went grocery shopping and bought some unhealthy snacks, including oreos for my grandsons

then I watched tv, made fish and spinach for dinner, had my mom and 2 sisters over for tea, since they showed up right in the middle of dinner
had cheerios for a snack watched more tv, passed out on the couch then went to bed