Sunday, February 27, 2011

No new decluttering

I have not given away anything else since my last post. I have been throwing more stuff away because I hate when someone says they are coming for stuff (through Freecycle) and they don't. Also I have thrown away stuff my boys and I thought useful, but others would not (like boxes, we love to make things out of boxes.)

I also have had people give me clothes, books, and canned goods lately. Most of which I could not use and passed along, but will not count that in my declutter challenge because that defeats the purpose. I am trying to declutter 365 items that were in my home as of Jan. 1st.

When I say declutter I mean useful items that I give away. If it ends up in trash it doesn't count in total.

I may make up a box for the thrift shop as I want to go to thrift shop and try to get an alarm clock, possibly tomorrow.


p.s. I also don't count an item if I replace it (say I have a shirt that is too small, so I give it away and replace it with a shirt that fits, I still have the same number of items in my house, so I do not count the shirt I gave away.)