Monday, February 28, 2011

I know I am weird

The last post (which I worked on for over an hour) brings me joy. I like budgeting and numbers and knowing where God's money is going. I am proud that I know where almost every dollar God gave me in 2010 went.

I know I am weird, but I love making budgets. Ask my family and friends I make them for them too (even when they don't ask. lol.)



Anonymous said...

You're not weird! =) I love to see your budgets and "numbers". I think you do very well with the amount of money you make. I also love budgets and keep a spreadsheet that I reference a lot. I like seeing the numbers and knowing how much we have. It is all very comforting. Lot's of good posts yesterday. I sure do like reading your blog! Keep up the great work as Jason's and Joshua's mommy!