Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot water heater again

It looks like I may need a new hot water heater. (Mine is 7 years old and I wake up almost daily with it being out, and now even when it is lit the water is not very warm.) Scott has looked at it numerous times and cleaned it as well. He is coming to look at it again tomorrow, but it seems it may be needing to be replaced.

Please pray as this is not a great time for me to spend money.



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

How much is a new water heater? Maybe you should use some tax return money? just take care of it now and you won't have to worry about it for 10 years...


Becky R said...

Dear HS,

It stinks because this hot water heater is only 7 years old. It is a defect that the company will not fix (since it is 7 years old.)

The hard thing is that where my hot water heater is, is such a small space having one installed by someone I know (saving about $500 for a plumber) is almost impossible.

I do have a $1,000 emergency fund which will cover if I need a new hot water heater. But since it really is not an emergency I would rather save until I have money in my home repair fund.

I expected a hot water heater to last longer than 7 years.

I lit it last night an it was out this morning. It is not leaking at all. So annoying!!!