Monday, February 7, 2011

I want to know more about my followers

I see I have 33 followers. I want to know more about you. If you leave a comment on this post with more about you and a link to your blog (if you have one), and your email I will email you for your home address and mail you a Burt's Bees chapstick.

Please let me know who you are (maybe about your faith, your family situation, your general age) and why you chose to follow my blog? What sorts of posts would you like to see more of and less of?

It's easy and free for you!


(If you prefer for your email not to be seen on this blog, leave two comments, one about you I can publish, and one with your email that I will not publish. Thanks!)


ElleBee said...

Hi Becky! You already know I love your blog. You are such an inspiration with your frugal living and budgeting. Sounds like your housekeeping business is starting to take off!

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

I enjoy how you simplify your life and utilize your resources.

Jeannette said...

ha ha ha ha ha
sorry that wasn't very nice but you should have learned along time ago, I am not very nice

I read your blog for the same reason I use to read your well kept hidden diary, because I love knowing about you and learning about yu

thanks for making me laugh- you would have laughed if you saw the hair clip in the middle of my head just sitting there sticking up as I walked through food town

Liv said...

I love your blog because you are a great person and no matter what happens you awalys figure out ways to make it work!:)

GAmomdb said...

Hi Becky, You know me. I enjoy reading what you are doing, how you are coping with life's challanges and living your life and faith. I am at a different stage in my life, but oh how I remember that issues of dealing with young boys. I am in your corner rooting for you and praying for you in your journey.
Donna in GA

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I think you know me pretty good ;)


ScottCC said...

Hi Becky, I have been following your blog since I can remember you having it. I check it to see what is going on with you (My step Daughter) and the boys (my grandsons). I hope you find out about your followers.

Mrs. Money said...

Hi! I am 27 years old, married, Christian, and I think you are a very nice woman! :)