Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sleep trouble

Thur, I was up before 8:00am. Then at night I was in bed by 11:30pm (and asleep.)
Fri. I was up by 8:00am, and asleep by 11:30pm as well.
Sat. I was up by 8:30am. But then near bed I had some Arizona iced tea and could not fall asleep until after 3:49am (the last time I checked the clock.)
So this morning I could not get up at all. We missed church again. Joshua even slept in. (Jason slept at his grandparents.)

So I have learned caffeine is really bad for me, especially if I have after 4:00pm. Now I am fearful come bedtime tonight I will not be tired enough to fall asleep. Oh the vicious cycle.

I am upset we missed church, but now we will have a no drive day because we have not had one since Feb. 1st. After my hot water warms up I will take a shower and do some cleaning. Then I want to take the dog for a walk. Hopefully that will help me fall asleep by 11:30 tonight.

Why is this so hard for me?

How is your sleep schedule? Are you a night or morning person?



Becky said...

I'm usually a morning person.

I have been having trouble sleeping on and off ever since my son was born. I feel like a part of my brain has a hard time shutting down b/c I'm always listening for my son (he sometimes sleeps through the night and sometimes doesn't). Having caffeine too late in the day definitely makes it worse!

Whitney said...

I think the only way to change your sleep schedule is to make absolutely sure you don't sleep in, even if you were up all night. It's really hard, but I'm sure it will even out for you soon.

Becky R said...

Becky, of course when my nephew sleeps over 1 night it takes me a week to recover.

Whitney, but I LOVE sleeping in!!! I know what you say is true though.

Mair said...

I constantly struggle with my sleep cycle. I am a night owl, and I like to stay up up up! I wonder sometimes if I'm actually wired for more of a 26hr circadian rhythm rather than 24hr, or if I need closer to 9-10hrs of sleep. Dunno. But yea, you're not alone. And of course now I expect my sleep cycle will never be the same. :)

Jeannette said...

you know mine, I like getting up early, I have most of my energy in the early part of day, by 4ish I am ready for a nap...
Now a days, I am tired all the time, 1:20 am up, 2:02 am up again, 3:40 up and not falling back to sleep aaaahhh to late to take a tylenol pm so now I will be groggy all day