Monday, February 21, 2011

Sleep update and today's goals

Last night I was actually asleep by 12am. And today I was up by 8am. I discovered it was snowing again. So weird that just Thur. it was 65 degrees.

Even though I am up my entire body wants to go back to bed. Waiting on water to warm up so I can get in shower, maybe that will help wake me up.

At 11am I am watching a little boy (at my house.) So I will have to be awake for that. lol.

Last night I put oatmeal in my new crockpot ($12 on clearance) and we all had warm oatmeal for breakfast with no effort (my kind of breakfast.) Jason added milk and sugar to his. Josh added peaches.

Next goals for today:

-time with God
-get all Josh's schoolwork done with him
-get Jason's schoolwork done with him (when he gets home from hunting)
-stay awake until bed
-be asleep tonight by 11:30pm
-no yelling all day