Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. bills


10% tithe to church
$ 38 offering to Compassion International (sponsor child)
$ 22 offering to Solutions Pregnancy Center
$ 25 love offering
$100 save (emergency fund)

$400 mortgage
$400 property taxes
$100 home insurance
$100 gas bill
$ 0 electric bill (already paid)
$ 50 water bill
$125 sewer bill
$100 internet
$ 80 allowance
$100 freedom account
$ 90 car insurance
$120 gas for car ($30 a week)
$ 50 debt
$400 food


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Where is your cell phone?! internet seems high, does that include cable?

Becky R said...

My internet alone is $50 plus tax a month, but this $100 is for Jan. & Feb. bill.
I do not have cable or a home phone.
Originally I paid $60 a month for a home phone and internet, but that deal expired and the best the company can do is $100 a month for phone, internet, and cable. I can not pay that.
I am going to look around for cheaper internet. It is cablevision. I originally liked them because they had (and still do) no contract.

My cellphone is on my mom's family plan. She added my son and I, and it is only $20 extra a month for her to do that, so she pays that for us.
Thanks mom!

Jeannette said...

your welcome

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Yeah I hate cable, the only reason I keep it is for live sports, nothing better than watching football at home! I love college football so espn carries a lot of those games.

Yeah we haven't had a landline in years! cell only which is why my plan is so high, 169 per month!