Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two hours

How does it take two hours to clean a 7 x 10 room? Joshua and I just cleaned his room from 3-5. We took out a huge contractor bag full of garbage (mostly lego boxes and misc. stuff that was broken or he did not want anymore.)

The weird thing is he had no dirty or clean clothes in his room, except some clean underwear and one clean t-shirt. Huh? Now when I find his clothes, and wash them they will have a place to go.

During that time I also cleaned the upstairs hallway which his and Jason's mess had spilled out to. Mostly Jason's clean clothes and books they didn't feel like putting back on bookshelf in the hallway.

After Christmas (when they both had spotless rooms) they built Joshua's entire room into a fort, hence why it took me so long to clean it today. (Like even the bed and mattress was part of the fort.) Usually Joshua keeps him room very neat, but even he needed help undoing the fort and all the stuff played around it.

I don't think we need huge amounts of space or huge rooms, but I do think it is harder to keep a tiny room clean. And Josh doesn't even have that many toys. All his clothes and toys fit in his small closet (when it is clean.) In his room is a twin bed, and small night stand with a tv on it, and his closet. That is it.

How big are your kids rooms? Do they keep them clean themselves? Do you let them have messy rooms?